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March 16, 2015
by Talk Blyth Valley
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The Swan Queen, a gaggle of her subjects and a UKIP deputy leader…

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DSCF7903At North Blyth today, deputy leader of UKIP, Paul Nuttal showed his support to a community trying to clean-up their village. North Blyth, known as the Island locally because of having water on three sides, is home to three hundred or so residents and a Swan colony.

The story started when local resident, Gary Compton reported an accumulation of rubbish and fly-tipping along the river edge. Northumberland County Council did not respond so Gary contacted local UKIP town councillor, Barry Elliot for help.

Within forty eight hours the council responded to Mr Elliot’s email with feet on the ground. Local offenders doing their community service were despatched to attend to the problem.

Simultaneously, Kim Stubbs, an employee of EE the phones giant saw Gary’s posts on Facebook. She had a chat with her manager and he agreed thirteen of her shift could attend on the 29th of March to finish off the clean-up.

Prospective UKIP MP for the Wansbeck constituency, Melanie Hurst said, “This is a triumph for the community who are working hand-in-hand with big business and NCC to improve their village.”

The residents are also looking for the council to deal with the road from Battleship Wharf to the Alcan facility. It badly needs traffic calming measures as children cross to access the river beach in the summer and recently a Swan was killed by a car. Zena Cowell-Bond, known locally as the Swan Queen and who feeds the colony every day is spear-heading the push for improvements to the road and a better understanding of the Swans.

DSCF7912Paul Nuttal who was touring the area finished of with some lunch at Charlton’s bar at Cambois.

If you want to show your support on the 29th March then get in touch with Gary Compton on 07773614544. They are looking for traffic calming measures and CCTV to deter the fly-tippers and need donations.

March 14, 2014
by Talk Blyth Valley
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Northumberland County Council make Conflicting Statement regarding Election Fraud

NCCNCC on their website made the following statement regarding election fraud in the 2013 local council elections:

“14 March 2014


The Council is aware of a number of allegations on social media sites concerning the outcome of the local election on May 2013 and in particular the Cowpen ward.

The Council is familiar with the concerns raised and has assisted Northumbria Police in its investigation.

One allegation was that 31 postal votes went missing  – 31 votes were rejected on polling day because they failed the verification process – they were not unaccounted for.

In or around September 2013 a detailed file of evidence was submitted to the Crown Prosecution Service.  Having reviewed the information available the CPS has taken the decision that there is insufficient evidence to provide realistic prospects of conviction for any offence.

We would like to assure the public that the council has well established and robust systems in place for managing local elections.”

This seems to conflict totally with UKIP’s Councillor Elliott’s view of the situation. He has released the following statement:

“I can categorically state that police investigations continue into the events re the postal vote fraud allegation made by Grant Davey / his colleagues / others .
Professional standards of Northumbria police are currently investigating the standards of policing that went on throughout the period .
It would appear a ” DETAILED” file was not sent to CPS and they based their decision on a ” weak ” presentation .
Professional standards currently preparing a statement (it is taking a long time but unfortunately I can only wait).

New allegations have been submitted re pervert the course of justice around the 31 postal vote statements , when they were counted , who was invited , who was in attendance at count etc .

My evidence trail, (would appear the original police investigating officers missed such) shows Grant Davey/his wife/his team breaching nearly every rule in the electoral pack given to candidates and even disregarding post delivery notices of what he should not do .

Timid old ladies and gentleman were visited by a Cllr and person 
A. (that’s what the electoral commission state) . At the time of writing this I can only assume who councilor was!!

After Cllr and A met C and D ( D being a timid old man who stated he was old friends with PG who is the head of the election team NCC refers to ) D would make an allegation to the police approx 24 hours AFTER Grant Davey
Made a phone call to police .

Evidence shows the elections officers and Steve Stewart the CEO liaising with CLLR , and forming opinions BEFORE police were even first phoned.
False , misleading and inaccurate statements made to press

Press publishing incorrect facts (apologies received from editor for this but damage had Already been done)

Police releasing information when it should not have 

Grant and his Wife caught inside the polling station with his wife at marked register and his friends and ex work colleagues who were ” policing ” the polling station did not eject them .

Talking to voters in the secrecy of the polling room , influencing them to vote for his wife 

A separate postal vote opening session for Cowpen only where ” members ” were present but not me.

I can only assume ( until police investigations are concluded ) who these members were!

These are some or all of the issues that the CPS did not get details of.

If Grant Davey and his wife and colleagues walk from this one then the elections process in this county cannot be considered ” safe”

I have to trust in justice system and will ensure that all the DETAILS are sent to seek the correct prosecutions against those that committed electoral crimes in the Cowpen Election .

I believe NCC producing this statement at a time when they KNOW police investigations continue AGAIN show BIAS towards a political group and its members who have serious allegations against them .

I drive on for justice for those in Cowpen, myself and the electoral process

Barry Elliott .”

March 12, 2014
by Talk Blyth Valley

It wasn’t me, guv! Grant Davey claims…

Grant DaveyGrant Davey denies being under police investigation at the Area Committee held at the Welfare at Stakeford. Words were had between Councillor Elliott and the Leader of Northumberland County Council. Earlier he had attacked UKIP and Barry Elliott on the section 106 monies on his blog. Here is what he said.

Also, Mr Elliott has confirmed that Grant Davey and Susan Davey are being investigated, crime number to follow. One wonders has Mr Davey lost the plot?

“Maybe UKIP will call the database a ‘waste of money which could be spent in Blyth’ when it is launched. Other residents of Blyth are entitled to ask the question – why does a party represented by a property developer (who should know how section 106 works) have such an interest in a policy that, under their proposal, would see £9 out of every £10 of development cash spent out side out Blyth?
‘Message to UKIP Blyth – in the running for this blog’s most avid readers’

Section 106 – the logic and the UKIP argument

UKIP’s plan is to make life better for three wards in Blyth they say.

At the moment, development monies get pooled in one central pot – that means everyone gets a fair deal and equal amount.

UKIP’s plan would mean that Blyth would get development money from three wards rather than 67 it gets now.

The council’s own plan, the LDF (which UKIP have ignored) sets out planned development across Northumberland for the next 25 years.

Less than 10% of that development will be in Blyth.

So under UKIP’s plan – Blyth would miss out on 90% or more development cash.

So UKIP in Blyth, led by property developer Town Councillor Barry Elliott, wants to reduce the money fairly apportioned to Blyth over the next twenty five years by up to 90%.

That means £9 out of every £10 will be lost to Blyth under UKIP’s plan.

Under his plan every other ward would lose out too.

Maybe we should ask the question – Can you list your elected councillor on Blyth Town Council, the esteemed Councillor Elliott to list his registered prejudicial interests on this blog since you don’t list them on the Town Council website or anywhere else?

Since UKIP seem to be very keen to ‘quote the law’ yet the Localism Act 2011 states ‘every town or parish council should maintain a register of members interests that is open to public inspection’.
So can we see Councillor Elliott’s please?

That would be fair and transparent because all county councillors have listed theirs on the council’s website wouldn’t it?

Maybe he should tell us just how much section 106 money he’s contributed to his community in his developments in Blyth over the many years of property development?

He should also know, as a seasoned property developer, that section 106 agreements are part of a planning application so can be viewed at any time by members of the public should they want to.

They are available as documents submitted as part of the planning process and just for UKIP, the council is spending thousands of pounds (which could be spent on your community) to put a database of section 106 agreements online so ‘property developers can see, with ease’, what their competitors are agreeing as part of a fully transparent planning process.

Maybe UKIP will call the database a ‘waste of money which could be spent in Blyth’ when it is launched. Other residents of Blyth are entitled to ask the question – why does a party represented by a property developer (who should know how section 106 works) have such an interest in a policy that, under their proposal, would see £9 out of every £10 of development cash spent out side out Blyth?

That’s not ‘standing up for Blyth – that’s misleading the residents of Blyth.

Tut Tut UKIP Blyth, you really should be expected to know better.

Now we’ve answered your questions – what about answers to the above UKIP Blyth?

February 15, 2014
by Talk Blyth Valley
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Election Fraud Update

grantDid you know that the current leader of Northumerland County Council, the Labour councilor Grant Davey is being investigated by the police for election fraud.

It is alleged by that Mr Davey and his wife were caught within the Cowpen polling station in the May 2013 local election by Barry Elliott who was running for UKIP. They chatted with election staff and voters as they entered the booth to make their vote. It has since been discovered that 31 postal votes have mysteriously disappeared.

The Labour party have battened down the hatches in an attempt to keep this out of the papers and that’s why it hasn’t been in the press. And yet during the election Labour released a story to the papers that election fraud had been carried out by Mr Elliott and UKIP. This has been since dismissed by the police as a work of fiction. Both parties were totally exonerated.

The first thing Labour did after taking control of NCC from the Li-dems was to promote Mr Davey to being its leader, receiving 39K per year for this privilege. Even knowing that he was being investigated he was allowed to take this powerful position.

As a member of the Labour party I am disgusted with the way these people act. They go about town as if they own the place. Remember Labour had its roots in the great working man, a profession that me, my father and my grandfather were so proud to be members of.

February 14, 2014
by Talk Blyth Valley
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More Labour Party Dirty Tricks…

kathBarry Elliott is attacked by Labour Party councilors and others in what they think is a private Facebook conversation. This transcript was taken from the UKIP page.

Here is his response given on Blyth UKIP’s Facebook page.

“Letter to Labour Group

From: Barry Elliott <>
Date: 14 February 2014 15:19:35 GMT
Subject: Can only ask

John Potts ( chairman of Blyth Valley Labour Group)
Can only ask you to intervene.
Gordon Knox , Kath Nisbett and others should know better than to criticize me and or the people of Blyth especially in public.
It can only damage one party and that’s not me .
You will be aware of my criminal and libel actions against similar
“Attacks ” on me.
My aim as I am sure yours is to do the best for our town irrespective of our political differences .
I will always act in a transparent , honest and reasonable way whilst conducting my business.
Trust you can have a word with your members to do the same to avoid further action .
I wish to work with ALL parties in making our town as good as we can get it even after receiving these factually incorrect , potentially libel and adverse comments
Barry Elliott

I write as
The “attack ” appears to have started here in Blyth Town.
Kath Nisbet the councils leading lady, NCC civic head clearly showing true colours.

View quotes below .

Barry, check this out…..

Elizabeth Mitcheson Pity libel case could not be served.

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Moyra Smith this man is a bloody nuisance, someone should let his followers know that he applied to the labour party first before he applied for UKIP, but becaue of the type of person he is he was not good enough for us, so he actually DOWN GRADED.

11 hours ago · Like · 1

Kath Nisbet He used to be in the Labour Party and had a fall out spat his dummy out no principles you join a party because you believe in the party’s policies. When he fell out he stood as an independent and then UKIP

11 hours ago · Like

David John Walls Kath I have silenced the Newsham UKIP Supporters who run the Newsham Resident Association facebook page, so this morning I got barred from the facebook page. I am now at war with these people in Newsham, but Barry had nowt to do with me being banned……lol

11 hours ago · Like

Kath Nisbet Because he has got them believing him so he doesn’t need to do anything they will do it for him so in a roundabout way yes he did have something to do with it

11 hours ago · Like

David John Walls Wait till next Resident meeting I am going to state facts they deleted before making it a closed group to me as there are around 3500 voters up there, but a handful of loonies run the show, the only decent one up there appears to be Natilie the Secretary, who does not want conflict.

11 hours ago · Like

Kath Nisbet I was told about him taking his little harem with him as he does to Blyth Town council meetings they are his back up

11 hours ago · Like

David John Walls Kath they think Councillors are to blame for people not taking School Crossing Patrol jobs, they are loonies who do not want houses on the Plessey Road Depot because Pediofiles might move into the houses which will over look the school, scaremongers are them……lol

10 hours ago · Like

Kath Nisbet The looney party was more clever than them and that is saying something ha

All I do is make you aware of what our administration are upto.
How they spend your taxes . The expenses they claim in doing so etc.
I provide fact, from the public domain .It would appear the truth hurts .
I drive on to ensure our town gets every penny due to it with or without the support of those who have the key to the power of getting things done .
Kath and the other 7 NCCllrs should spend their energy on making our town great again.”

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