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Barry Elliott is ignored by Council regarding Blyth Market Place…

Local builder, Barry Elliott has contacted the MP for Blyth Valley, Ronnie Campbell and the Leader of the Council, Jeff Reid, regarding the millions of pounds spent on the town’s market place. Mr Elliott has said there are no records of how the money was spent and a number of issues are still outstanding with the work which appear to have no contractual arrangements in place to take care of remedial work.

Mr Elliott is calling for an enquiry. For further information, check out his Facebook page or call Mr Elliott on 07710715045



  1. Yes Barrie will get ignored just as I did when I was the only Councillor on Blyth Valley borough Council who answered the letter form the Market Traders Representative requesting help in December 2007 over the Market Place Regeneration! Labout, Lib Dems and Conservatives stood solid voting to put Party Politics before the care of the Market Traders who had supported Blyth Folk for numerous years!

    The Market Traders were forced to use new stalls which could not withstand wind speeds of more than 20 mph, they were forced to pay a massive increase in fees to use these stalls even though we told the Council these were no upto standard!

    The whole Market regeneration has been a waste of good money, why are the fountains not working?
    Why was the brickwork on Waterloo Road removed? The Council were warned these were not suitable for Buses and other traffic running over the top of these bricks, why did they not listen?
    Was any warranty given for these bricks? Has any claim being made by the Council against the firm that laid them? or has the Council agreed it was their fault?

  2. Have any Councillors replied to your Blog yet? The silence is deafening but just what the people of Blyth have come to expect from them!

  3. Do the Councillors not realise that the disgusting so-called Market they have started on a Monday is appalling and is a total disgrace to the town of Blyth?

    Do they honestly believe 2 stalls looking like a car boot sale will encourage people into our town?

    Are these the same Councillors who voted against our Market Traders 4 years ago?

  4. So, I’ve trawled the internet for any reasons behind the debacle that hit the market place and lo and behold, it all boils down to politics.
    Not just because there were obvious political links to the subject but also it seems we have a wannabe councilor called Colin Brown who was once once, and now isn’t.

    Colin Brown rages on across the internet and wherever anyone listens, he begins to spout his malicious venom to those too stunned to ignore.

    Colin, you were ONCE in the public domain and now are not. Could it well be that your venom spouted wantonly across the public circle has condemned you to a life of no hope? There was a reason why you were left behind by the group you were with..

    To be honest we’d all love you to shut up, stop placing extra stresses on an already stressed system (which costs us with time wasted giving you attention) and go do something else!
    This happened years ago and you never got the answers then and will never in the future. Surely you can understand that? I doubt it though because you are blinkered with this quite pathetic repetitive rant.

  5. The sado called Malcolm Godspeed (made up name prob) who is trying to post an attack on Colin. Why don’t you reveal yourself and we will talk to you.

    I doubt you will.

  6. Malcolm Godspeed. You appear to have some inside knowledge on the system that is so stressed out? Surely Colin has the right to air his views about issues past and present that he feels passionate about? It would be nice to know why this frustrates you enough to post the comments that you did? There are some people (myself included), who appreciates the comments Colin makes. Some people want to hear how the “system” apparently works to its own advantage as opposed to the benefit of the community and long may he continue to do so.

    Perhaps you would like to enlighten people on your knowledge of the stressed out system you are so concerned about.

    I for one would be happy to meet you to hear about how the system is buckling under the pressure Colin is heaping on it.

  7. It is typical that when an Independent is attacked it is evident the attacker is speaking to protect a political party…in this and many other cases they do not have the decency to list a true name or to deal with facts!
    So MG claims he has trawled the internet for any reasons behind the debacle that hit the market place and lo and behold he believes it all boils down to politics…he is very quick…it is 2013 and I told everyone this in 2008 so he must have spent a long time trawling!

    Has MG never noticed what went wrong with the market place?
    Is he not aware there was a massive overspend?
    Is he not aware the main road in the town was closed for almost 12 months causing loss of business to shopkeepers and market traders?
    Is he not aware that at the end of the 12 months we lost 29 market traders and we have now lost several shops?
    Is he not aware that the fountains in the market place have only worked once and they will not be working again in the near future?
    Is he not aware that Waterloo Road has been dug up and the expensive brickwork has been removed and then tarmac has been laid?
    Is he not aware this has been a total waste of money which his beloved party could have put to good use regenerating the town of Blyth?
    Is he not aware that the market traders and the Independent Councillors told BVBC not to purchase the appalling flimsy market stalls as they couldn’t withstand windspeeds of over 22 mph…but they went ahead and bought them only to find they are useless as they all blew away on the 1st day they were used?
    The honourable MG rightly states I was once in the public domain and now I am not (He/She has got this right) Cheers MG!
    He then states “We would all like you to shut up” but he/she doesn’t mention who “we” are…not that I expected him to be that honest when he cannot come clean to say who he is…or who he is representing or why he is against freedom of speech!
    He then claims my comments place stresses on an already stressed system and this happened years ago and I never got any answers then so I won’t now…I ask him why will I not get answers?
    Do the people of Blyth not deserve answers or should they only get answers if they are in a certain political party?
    I will also answer the e-mail he has sent to me…his claims are hang on Colin…they have already frozen the Council Tax and they have said so!
    He also states…they have made no mention of lessening services…of course they haven’t otherwise people like him would realise that we are paying the same amount of Council Tax for less services…is that not a rise to MG or does he still believe in Santa Claus?
    Come clean MG stand up and be counted and I will debate the town of Blyth with you in any political arena!

  8. Well put Colin. To the point, polite and eloquent. I would hate to think that in this day and age, no political party would stoop to creating a ficticious character to hide behind in order to tarnish the words you speak and many others think.

    I would rather believe it was the ramblings of an individual who takes 10 months to think up a reply to the comments you posted on here back in January.

    If however it is a barb thrown by any political party, then they really need to take a long hard look at their childlike actions.

    Perhaps the other activity they spend there time on is, who can spit their dummy out the furthest?

    Keep up the good work Colin.

    We all have the right to say how we think our elected representatives are performing.

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