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Barry Elliott releases details of spending in Cowpen and Newsham wards…

CowpenBarry Elliott has released some interesting information regarding finances available to the councilor of Cowpen, Susan Davey and Deirdre Campbell at Newsam.

Mrs Davey seems to have not used a large chunk of her allocation of 15,000 per year she receives as a councilor from the “Small Schemes Allowance,”. (£75,000 over five years she has had office)

It’s unusual that a councilor elected to look after the interests of the Cowpen ward wouldn’t use the allowance that every councilor receives, no matter what political party they belong to. Mrs Davey couldv’e applied for 350,000 pounds of funding for her ward, but failed to do so.

NewshamIt would also appear the Mrs Campbell, councilor for Newsham and wife of the town’s MP, spent her small schemes allowance in mostly other wards and failed to apply for the same 350,000 worth of funding.

Blyth has many areas of deprivation and could have done with these monies.


There are council election on 2nd May and Mr Elliot is standing with three other UKIP colleagues, Peter Potts, Revel Cornel and Richard Hall.

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