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Election Fraud Update

grantDid you know that the current leader of Northumerland County Council, the Labour councilor Grant Davey is being investigated by the police for election fraud.

It is alleged by that Mr Davey and his wife were caught within the Cowpen polling station in the May 2013 local election by Barry Elliott who was running for UKIP. They chatted with election staff and voters as they entered the booth to make their vote. It has since been discovered that 31 postal votes have mysteriously disappeared.

The Labour party have battened down the hatches in an attempt to keep this out of the papers and that’s why it hasn’t been in the press. And yet during the election Labour released a story to the papers that election fraud had been carried out by Mr Elliott and UKIP. This has been since dismissed by the police as a work of fiction. Both parties were totally exonerated.

The first thing Labour did after taking control of NCC from the Li-dems was to promote Mr Davey to being its leader, receiving 39K per year for this privilege. Even knowing that he was being investigated he was allowed to take this powerful position.

As a member of the Labour party I am disgusted with the way these people act. They go about town as if they own the place. Remember Labour had its roots in the great working man, a profession that me, my father and my grandfather were so proud to be members of.

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