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Election result in the Cowpen Ward of Blyth Valley called into question…

polling stationThe plot thickens…

The extensive reporting by the press of an alleged breaking of the rules by UKIP in the council elections on 2nd May may have influenced the result. The release of the information by the police at such a critical time would appear to have given advantage to the Labour Party. Why would the police do it before they had investigated the complaint?

My investigations have discovered that the word at grass roots levels seem to indicate that the Labour candidate and her assosiates may be heavily involved in the instigation of this allegation.

To add substance to this theory; Mr Grant Davey was caught at the polling booth for Cowpen by Mr Barry Elliott, the UKIP Candidate. Under election rules Mr Elliott is allowed to attend but Mr Davey, husband of the official Labour candidate and leader of Labour in Blyth, is not permitted to be anywhere near the polling station.

He had FULL view of the electoral paperwork and was known to ALL the staff employed that night and chatted with election officials who were comfortable for him to be there when they should have asked him to leave under the rules.

This does make one wonder if the votes were in some way tampered with, added to or removed from the ballot boxes. The police have confirmed that Grant Davey did attend the Cowpen Polling Station and did have discussions with election staff. Many voters came in and out during this twenty minute period.

The matter has been reported to Northumbria Police who have passed it on to the serious crime team in Manchester who are investigating. Barry Elliott has asked the Returning Officer at Northumberland County Council to investigate too.

Time will tell where this goes…

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  1. I grew up in blyth , and moved from there many years ago, for the simple fact there’s no jobs , dntt seem to get any help towards the future of blyth, all government money goes else where.

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