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Gauntlet thrown down to NCC Leader Grant Davey and MP for Blyth Valley, Ronnie Campbell

…by Barry Elliott UKIP councilor for Newsham. This has been taken with his permission from his Facebook page.

“Still no response from any of our NCC Councillors!!

Through my continued persistence the Blyth town council have now formally requested as to why NCC have NOT published ALL the sec 106 agreements for our town for us all to see.They( NCC) should produce this public / legal document / record WITHOUT us having to ask for it !!

I will drive on ( this is now over a year ) to get our administration ( Labour Party Controlled ) to do what we put them into office to do. GIVE US in BLYTH TOWN our monies. Monies that are due . If you have allowed them to be spent elsewhere then we want them back. Three weeks have passed and still no response to the £500k and One North east Grant ( figure to be confirmed ) pledged to our town centre. Grant Davey, Kath Nisbett , MP and the rest I know you are reading this or getting feedback .

Get something done as I will not give up in my campaign to get what we are entitled to.The people of our town are also watching with interest . They have returned a Labour Party administration year in year out but things are different now . UKIP is now your main opposition. It brings a common sense approach to connect with the people on common sense issues.

Three decades of ruling ( in my adult time ), suppression , false promises , cover ups etc have got our town in the position it is in . The people of our town continue to return a labour administration but we must between now and next election educate our town on what these Labour Party members are doing . Our town votes them in to their £20/40 k plus per annum jobs( minimum ) and what do they return us !!!Take for example the Newsham Cllr and the Cowpen Cllr who not only spent most of their £75 k allowances ( should have been spent on Newsham and Cowpen) in parts of the town that most citizens cannot reach !!!!! but allowed contractors from the south to benefit from the monies for doing the works !! What happened to spending our monies on local people ( localism act) . IGNORED

What about the CEO of Ncc Mr Steve Stewart ,lives in Yorkshire I believe , gets more than the prime minister in wages( tbc) and would appear to have little or no interest in ensuring our local electricians , joiners , plumbers , painters cleaners get the contracts to do the works on our towns housing stock as a minimum (6000 of them tbc).LOCALISM Act. IGNORED I am investigating that these contractors MAY have been employed from , yes you have it , the Yorkshire areas or close to !!

It would be good if they could come out and prove me wrong , confirm the above and the other questions asked.I will not be offended , not be upset but what I say now is to ALL we elect ,we expect the future works to be Given to our local people as we investigate the above .Local people getting local jobs spend their monies in local places . It’s a ” NO BRAINER” Common sense approach .

What about our Labour administration depleting /moving Our frontline services far away . We have lost many of our highways staff who deliver our frontline services to our community, sometimes in extreme weathers ,with those remaining expected to do the work of three!! With executive officers on gold plated wages let’s get rid of one and replace with 8 highways staff(yes . Your grass cutting , streets , parks , footpaths , weed killing programmes , litter / debris etc will benefit . Grant Davey / the Labour Party administration CAN do this . I have asked him to . He IGNORES me .

 Davey is moving OUR council staff from OUR Blyth Towns offices leaving more empty spaces in our town to the north and west who are already prospering . I have asked the Labour party administration to STOP doing this , RETURN these employees and more to our Town and help fill the many empty office blocks etc. They IGNORE me .

I have asked the MP, Ronnie Campbell to use his office allowance ( £130k per annum tbc) on our towns people .

Instead of employing his wife( gets upto £40 k per year as a councillor already ) he could take four local citizens off the dole ( preferably from our ward areas of high deprivation) train them and continually employ them for years . Yes IGNORED. His comrade across the Wansbeck river does the same !!

They have lost touch with us , have no common sense , and blatantly IGNORE an arrogance that I am sure will be removed very soon .

By ignoring me they ignore you . Get onto your local councillor , your MP , your CEO and ask the questions . They are not likely to ignore you !! I need support , your support . I put myself up to secure these multi millions for our town , make our town centre vibrant , our communities to have better opportunities again like our close neighbours up north and to the south and west .

I aim to do many public talks in coming months and will bring many many issues as these to the forefront . Attend these meetings , ask Questions , I come with no agenda .Be great to get one or more of those our town elected to attend with me !!

I drive on and yes some will say against the odds but I can only try . Try with me

Barry Elliott

Blyth Town Councillor UKIP.”

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  1. Mr Elliott maybe I had you all wrong?

    Perhaps you can also bring some attention and honesty to the inner workings of the planning process?

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