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Is This Another False Promise?

In the “Northumberland Voice” a Lib Dem Paper, the Lib Dems are claiming they have frozen Council Tax in Northumberland for the 2nd Year running!
This cannot be true…yes they may have kept the charges the same…but they haven’t explained the cuts in services they have made!
Council Tax is only frozen if the charges and services stay the same…not if we are paying the same charge for less services!
It is time politicians woke up and told the people what is really happening!


  1. Hang on Colin. They have frozen the Council Tax and they have said so.
    They have made no mention of lessening services – that would obviously be in a separate paragraph.

    You’re attempting to cause sensation for your own gratification – it hasn’t worked! How do I know this? Look at how many have responded!!

    Colin we’ll be very safe as long as you remain out of office thank you!

  2. In reply to MG…the person who is afraid to reveal his true identity…yes they (NCC) have frozen the Council Tax and they have said so…they have made no mention of lessening services…and that is WHAT WE THE PUBLIC would expect to be in a separate paragraph!
    It is rather a shame that you agree with them and appear happy to carry on paying your way simply because you are a loyal supporter or simply because you don’t know any better about the price increases imposed upon you and the good people of Blyth!
    When the new NCC was formed replacing the former BVBC we were promised all services under the one roof would be cheaper for us with exception for the 1st year!
    In Band B we paid –
    NCC Increase % Blyth Increase %
    2009 £1038.59 —— £5.06 ——
    2010 £1067.67 2.8 £5.65 11.7
    2011 £1067.67 0.0 £25.44 350.3
    2012 £1067.50 0.0 £41.02 61.2
    2013 £1067.49 0.0 £62.71 52.9

    Does this not add up to an increase of £86.55p in your book…due to creation of Blyth Town Council…before we add on £67.36 to pay for the Police and Crime Commissioner for Northumbria?
    Are you aware that BVBC was dissolved to save money and to put services under one authority and that we are now paying £62.71 for a newly created Blyth Town Council with limited authority and very few councillors…when the former BVBC with 50 Councillors was only costing £117.84p?
    No MG you are correct…I take my hat off to you…they didn’t mention lessening of services to us and I question their reasons why…when numerous services have been cut, Street Cleaning, Grass Cutting, Street Lighting, Staffing, Parks, Bowling Greens, Sports Centre’s to name a few!

    Do you not realise that paying the same money for less services is in fact a price increase?

    I suggest MG reads the NCC Financial Statements for 2009/2010 to 2012/2013 before he posts on here to spout his political rubbish and he/her deals with facts not his own brainwashed thoughts!

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