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More Labour Party Dirty Tricks…

kathBarry Elliott is attacked by Labour Party councilors and others in what they think is a private Facebook conversation. This transcript was taken from the UKIP page.

Here is his response given on Blyth UKIP’s Facebook page.

“Letter to Labour Group

From: Barry Elliott <>
Date: 14 February 2014 15:19:35 GMT
Subject: Can only ask

John Potts ( chairman of Blyth Valley Labour Group)
Can only ask you to intervene.
Gordon Knox , Kath Nisbett and others should know better than to criticize me and or the people of Blyth especially in public.
It can only damage one party and that’s not me .
You will be aware of my criminal and libel actions against similar
“Attacks ” on me.
My aim as I am sure yours is to do the best for our town irrespective of our political differences .
I will always act in a transparent , honest and reasonable way whilst conducting my business.
Trust you can have a word with your members to do the same to avoid further action .
I wish to work with ALL parties in making our town as good as we can get it even after receiving these factually incorrect , potentially libel and adverse comments
Barry Elliott

I write as
The “attack ” appears to have started here in Blyth Town.
Kath Nisbet the councils leading lady, NCC civic head clearly showing true colours.

View quotes below .

Barry, check this out…..

Elizabeth Mitcheson Pity libel case could not be served.

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Moyra Smith this man is a bloody nuisance, someone should let his followers know that he applied to the labour party first before he applied for UKIP, but becaue of the type of person he is he was not good enough for us, so he actually DOWN GRADED.

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Kath Nisbet He used to be in the Labour Party and had a fall out spat his dummy out no principles you join a party because you believe in the party’s policies. When he fell out he stood as an independent and then UKIP

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David John Walls Kath I have silenced the Newsham UKIP Supporters who run the Newsham Resident Association facebook page, so this morning I got barred from the facebook page. I am now at war with these people in Newsham, but Barry had nowt to do with me being banned……lol

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Kath Nisbet Because he has got them believing him so he doesn’t need to do anything they will do it for him so in a roundabout way yes he did have something to do with it

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David John Walls Wait till next Resident meeting I am going to state facts they deleted before making it a closed group to me as there are around 3500 voters up there, but a handful of loonies run the show, the only decent one up there appears to be Natilie the Secretary, who does not want conflict.

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Kath Nisbet I was told about him taking his little harem with him as he does to Blyth Town council meetings they are his back up

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David John Walls Kath they think Councillors are to blame for people not taking School Crossing Patrol jobs, they are loonies who do not want houses on the Plessey Road Depot because Pediofiles might move into the houses which will over look the school, scaremongers are them……lol

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Kath Nisbet The looney party was more clever than them and that is saying something ha

All I do is make you aware of what our administration are upto.
How they spend your taxes . The expenses they claim in doing so etc.
I provide fact, from the public domain .It would appear the truth hurts .
I drive on to ensure our town gets every penny due to it with or without the support of those who have the key to the power of getting things done .
Kath and the other 7 NCCllrs should spend their energy on making our town great again.”

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