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South Shore Development in Blyth Northumberland.

southshoreThe 106 saga continues…

I have had confirmation via a copy of the 106 contract between the NCC and Persimmon homes that the £215,000 that Persimmon were supposed to pay the old BVBC was allegedly paid in 2007 but the bank account that the monies were supposed to be put into, which was called “the Blyth Links,” account, no longer exists.

The contract can be viewed here and has some interesting covenants

Talk Blyth Valley are unable to confirm from the public record that monies were received in the first place. NCC claim that the money was spent on fencing, the band stand and car park improvements but as yet confirmation has not been forthcoming.

Many South Shore residents still have issues with the unfinished roads, removal of protected trees, lack of a Bat survey on phase 2 which is legally mandatory and many other issues of shoddy workmanship.

NCC should have taken a land charge according to the agreement and I understand this would not be released till the development was signed off. There is no sign of that happening anytime soon. Also we were unable to confirm the land charge was taken in the first place which is pretty standard stuff for a council planning department.

TV will keep you posted as the story develops.

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  1. Disgusting – the price of greed!

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