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The Swan Queen, a gaggle of her subjects and a UKIP deputy leader…

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DSCF7903At North Blyth today, deputy leader of UKIP, Paul Nuttal showed his support to a community trying to clean-up their village. North Blyth, known as the Island locally because of having water on three sides, is home to three hundred or so residents and a Swan colony.

The story started when local resident, Gary Compton reported an accumulation of rubbish and fly-tipping along the river edge. Northumberland County Council did not respond so Gary contacted local UKIP town councillor, Barry Elliot for help.

Within forty eight hours the council responded to Mr Elliot’s email with feet on the ground. Local offenders doing their community service were despatched to attend to the problem.

Simultaneously, Kim Stubbs, an employee of EE the phones giant saw Gary’s posts on Facebook. She had a chat with her manager and he agreed thirteen of her shift could attend on the 29th of March to finish off the clean-up.

Prospective UKIP MP for the Wansbeck constituency, Melanie Hurst said, “This is a triumph for the community who are working hand-in-hand with big business and NCC to improve their village.”

The residents are also looking for the council to deal with the road from Battleship Wharf to the Alcan facility. It badly needs traffic calming measures as children cross to access the river beach in the summer and recently a Swan was killed by a car. Zena Cowell-Bond, known locally as the Swan Queen and who feeds the colony every day is spear-heading the push for improvements to the road and a better understanding of the Swans.

DSCF7912Paul Nuttal who was touring the area finished of with some lunch at Charlton’s bar at Cambois.

If you want to show your support on the 29th March then get in touch with Gary Compton on 07773614544. They are looking for traffic calming measures and CCTV to deter the fly-tippers and need donations.

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