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The Wellesley Story…


Barry Elliott UKIP

Barry Elliott, a local man, successful developer and aspiring UKIP councilor alledged financial mis-management by Northumberland County Council.

On his Facebook page he said, “We have wards in our area recognized as top of deprivation in this country. Our council have failed to secure at least £270k worth of monies for our communities from the owners of the site. I have now raised questions as to the ownership of the site and who should have paid these monies. Irrespective the council have failed to secure them. An email this morning states an invoice will now be raised!!

Would it have been raised had I not have brought to attention.!! I have also raised questions over the covenants made by our Chief Legal Officer where he states he will “give back any money,” to the owners if not spent.

GIVE BACK an unbelievable covenant. I have asked if this was an isolated incident.I will demand a public enquiry (if can get such ) into all aspects/associations around the disposal of our asset. Such  an enquiry will answer all the questions of previous which is all i seek.I have reported the failure of the council to secure our monies to the press and also asked the chief legal officer to explain why he failed to secure our monies. Get your wish list in.”

I intend to arrange a meeting with Mr Elliott and get all the facts of this case. If true, this could be as big as the Poulson scandal that hit Newcastle in th 70′s.

I’ve a feeling this story will grow and grow…

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